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Montalto PT is proud to announce the Redcord system.

Redcord Long IslandThe Redcord system is a Norwegian medical exercise evaluation and fitness system. It assesses an individual's movement patterns used in sports as well as everyday life. It consists of a group of exercises performed in slings that can challenge your nervous and muscular systems to help you build exceptional core strength, muscular stability and movement control faster than conventional methods. Utilizing your own body weight as resistance, there are hundreds of suspension exercises available to maximize your body's strength and efficiency of movement.

Only on the Redcord can someone of any age and strength level safely do suspension exercises. Redcord introduces bungee cords to assist you throughout each precise movement (bridge, plank, squat, push up, etc.). Similar to floating in a pool, this weightless environment facilitates proper technique and body alignment without the interference of pain and compensation. As you establish adequate neuromuscular control of these exercises, the resistance (your body weight) is steadily increased.

Montalto PT is the first physical therapy private practice on Long Island to offer the Redcord system.  It can be utilized as a stand alone assessment and treatment system or as an adjunct to our current advanced orthopedic manual therapy and exercise program that we use on a daily basis with all our patients. The Redcord system is supported by twenty-five years of medical research and used by a variety of professional sports teams, organizations and hospitals here in the United States.  It is currently being implemented by the U.S. Olympic Team, the U.S. Army, Princeton University, Andrews Institute, the Washington Nationals and the Washington Capitals.  For additional information, you can call our office or visit redcord.us.    

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