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Biodex Balance System SD

The Biodex Balance System SD is helping patients get back on their feet faster at Montalto Physical Therapy.  The system uses a state of the art computer software that aides the physical therapist in evaluating the major systems of the body that allow an individual to maintain their balance. These include your visual, vestibular, trunk & lower extremity neurological pathways that provide your brain feedback regarding your ability to balance & remain upright under challenging conditions.

The Biodex Balance System consists of a computerized platform & touch-screen control panel that measures a patient’s ability to maintain his/her balance.  Results are displayed on the large color screen for instant biofeedback.  The system compares your results to stored normative data or to previous tests.  The system is safe, fun, & easy to use encouraging patients to do the work.

In short, the Biodex Balance System SD can be used for the following situations:

  • Fall Risk Screening in Older Adults
  • Concussion Management Program including pre injury baseline assessments.
  • Testing & treatment of both post surgical & neurologically impaired patients including those individuals with total joint replacements, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, or a history of a stroke.

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