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Insurance / Forms

Physical Therapy & Your Health Insurance Coverage

MPT is in network with most commercial insurance plans and is also an approved Medicare provider. We will verify your benefits and let you know what your financial responsibility (if any) will be prior to the beginning of your treatment. We bill your insurance company directly but you will ultimately be responsible for any annual deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance charges that are part of your regular health care benefits.

Direct Access to Physical Therapy

Thanks to direct access, you no longer need a prescription from your physician to see a physical therapist. This new law, allows you to see a DA certified physical therapist immediately, so that you can get the necessary out-patient physical therapy care without delay. Most health insurances cover physical therapy obtained by using direct access.

Under New York state law patients may now receive treatment from a licensed physical therapist without a physician’s referral for up to 10 visits or 30 days, whichever occurs first. If permitted by your insurance company, you can now be evaluated and treated without having to first obtain a referral.

Even with direct access, your physician will remain fully involved in your physical therapy care. Your physician will be sent a copy of your evaluation and will be updated regularly on your progress. When appropriate, the physical therapist will refer you back to your physician for further testing such as an MRI or x-rays when medically necessary.

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